Despite The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim being several years old now, Bethesda can’t seem to stop pumping out new versions of the game, whether it be a release on the Nintendo Switch or a remaster (the company claims that they will stop releasing new versions when fans stop buying it).


So the question is, with Bethesda remastering Skyrim, does that mean that we can expect older games to be remastered as well? Such as Morrowind, perhaps? Unfortunately for fans of Morrowind, that will not be happening as Bethesda doesn’t sound like they are too keen on it. Speaking to The Guardian, Bethesda’s Todd Howard stated that they aren’t keen on the idea of remastering the game, or older games like Fallout 1 for that matter.

According to Howard, “For Skyrim Remastered, we had done some work on it but it was already pretty visually close. But for something like Morrowind, my personal preference is not to remaster it. We [also] get asked a lot to remaster [1997’s] Fallout 1, and I usually say, if you have a PC you can play Fallout the way it was. I think that’s how it should be.”

Howard also states, “I’m happy that you can play Morrowind now on an Xbox One, as it’s backwards compatible. I’m really happy that Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and others are making it easier for people to play [older games] as they were played at the time. I actually prefer that over remasters. I’d rather you play Morrowind the way it was … I think the age is part of its identity.”

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