Apple’s 2018 MacBook Pro refresh introduced some huge changes to the laptop, where they finally allowed users to add up to 32GB of RAM, and there is also the addition of the Intel Core i9 processor which in theory should make it more powerful than previous MacBook Pro models. Unfortunately this wasn’t really the case.

You might have heard a report in which YouTuber Dave Lee discovered that due to the design of the MacBook Pro, the i9 processor could not be pushed to its max potential as it would overheat, thus forcing the laptop to throttle. However the folks at Consumer Reports have defended the design and the laptop, claiming that throttling is a feature that has been built into processors for years.

According to Richard Fisco, an electronics testing program leader at Consumer Reports, “Most processors have had this capability built in for years. I would rather have the system throttle and take a lot longer to do things than just let itself get fried.” He also adds, “A laptop is the worst environment you can think of for a processor. There’s just not a lot of space, so you can’t cool it as efficiently.”

That being said while they did defend the laptop, they note that users who might have need for such horsepower in their computers, they might actually be better off buying the iMac Pro instead.

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