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Most keyboards for smartphones come with a spell check built into them. Just like word processors and internet forms, spell check seems to be more or less a default feature that we can expect these days. However for some reason, it seems that there are quite a few Gboard users who have been having less than stellar spell check experiences.

The good news is that it seems that in the latest version of the beta of Gboard, Google has finally appeared to get a handle on spell check. This is version 7.4.18 which like we said, is currently in beta so if you are using the final release of Gboard meant for the public, you might not notice these changes just yet.

It is also a server-side update which as Android Police notes, means that even if you are using the beta there is a chance you might not see it either, and it is unclear as to how Google is selecting users to test it out. Spell check on Gboard is pretty simple and straightforward where misspelled words are underlined, and tapping on the misspelled word will bring up suggested corrections.

We’re not sure how come it took Google this long to improve on Gboard’s spell check function, but the good news is that it looks like it is finally here. So if poor spell check features was a reason you put off using it, perhaps it could be time to consider using Gboard again.

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