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Google’s Gboard Keyboard Arrives On Wear OS
Typing on a smartwatch is hardly the most pleasant of experiences. The small screen and the awkward positioning on the wrist means that typing out long messages can be tedious. However, if you’re looking for a way to better type on your smartwatch, Google has announced that its Gboard keyboard app is now available for Wear OS devices.

How To Use Android's Clipboard Like A Pro
A clipboard is a specific storage space where the information of what you cut/copy resides temporarily. Technically, the data is stored in your RAM and helps you quickly access the data you cut/copied from a document.

Gboard For iOS Now Lets You Translate On The Fly
Google Translate does a pretty good job at translating different languages. The only drawback is that if you’re chatting with someone,  you need to switch back and forth between the app and the translation. However the good news is that it looks like Google has updated its Gboard keyboard app for iOS where it now comes with a built-in translation tool.

Gboard’s Handwriting Recognition Feature Now Makes Less Mistakes
Handwriting recognition can be a bit tricky as the system would need to be able to recognize various styles of handwriting. As we all have different styles, some of which can be messier than both, it is understandable that existing handwriting recognition systems can make mistakes every now and then.


Gboard For iOS Updated With Haptic Feedback Support
One of the downside to onscreen keyboards is that they lack the same tactile feedback that a normal physical keyboard has. This makes typing on it a bit tricky and can be annoying when trying to type out long-form posts. However if you’re a Gboard user on iOS, the latest update to the app should help improve the typing experience.

WhatsApp Testing Sticker Integration With Google’s Gboard
WhatsApp is admittedly a bit late to the sticker game. Other apps such as Facebook Messenger, KakaoTalk, and LINE have long offered its users stickers. However it seems that the Facebook-owned company might have found a way to quickly spread its stickers and that is by integrating it with third-party keyboard apps.

Google's Gboard Now Supports 500 Languages
Google launched its Gboard virtual keyboard only a couple of years ago. The team behind it has constantly been improving it by adding support for more languages. The company haw announced that Gboard now has support for an impressive 500 languages. This, Google says, allows almost 90 percent of the Earth’s population to communicate on their mobile devices by typing in their native language.

Gboard Will Use AI To Suggest GIFs To Users
Google is pretty proud of the AI that they’ve developed. The company recently announced that they will be using its AI system to help the New York Times to digitize its archive, and now it looks like they’ll be using AI to help make GIF suggestions to users of its Gboard keyboard application.

Latest Gboard For Android Update Adds Floating Keyboard Option
As our phone screens are getting bigger, it means it has become harder to use them with one hand, unless you are blessed with big hands or long fingers. However if one-handed usage is something you want but don’t have particularly big hands, then maybe you might want to consider using Google’s Gboard.

Gboard Testing A Way To Help Make Smarter Searches
Google’s Gboard might be late to the game when it comes to keyboard apps for smartphones, but the company has done a pretty good job with it. One of the key features of Gboard is that it allows users to make searches on Google directly within it, thus bringing up relevant information without having to leave whatever app you’re using.

Google’s Gboard Now Lets Users Make ‘Mini’ Stickers Of Themselves
These days it seems to be a pretty popular feature in apps where it can take the selfie of a user and turn it into something else, such as animals as we have seen with Apple’s Animojis, or Samsung’s AR Emojis which can create a stylized avatar based on your face. Google’s Allo app also has a similar Selfie Stickers feature.

Google’s Gboard Spell Check Now Seems To Be Working Better
Most keyboards for smartphones come with a spell check built into them. Just like word processors and internet forms, spell check seems to be more or less a default feature that we can expect these days. However for some reason, it seems that there are quite a few Gboard users who have been having less than stellar spell check experiences.

Google To Fix Gboard’s 'Sit On My Face' Autocomplete Suggestion
Autocomplete is useful as it does save you some time from typing, which when you’re in a rush can save you valuable seconds. Now autocomplete has come a long way over the years where it has gotten better where it’s getting smarter at figuring out what you’re trying to say next, but unfortunately this can lead to some questionable results.

Gboard For iOS Gets Morse Code Typing
Google announced during its I/O 2018 conference in May that it would soon bring Morse code support to Gboard. It understandably released this feature to Gboard for Android initially. The company was inspired by developer Tania Finlayson who communicates through head movements which are first translated into Morse code and then into speech. She and her husband teamed up with Google to bring Morse code to Gboard. This feature has […]

Gboard Testing Smart Replies For Various Messaging Apps
One of the nifty features that we’re seeing Google roll out to its services is smart replies, where based on the context, Google can offer up smart replies that you can fire off at a tap of a button. This feature has been introduced to Google products such as Gmail, and now it looks like Gboard will be getting it as well.

Google’s Gboard Will Soon Support Morse Code
There are many forms of communication, some of which we take for granted sometimes, such as talking, writing with our hands, and typing with our fingers. However like we said sometimes we take such methods of communication for granted as there are others out there who unfortunately do not possess the means to communicate as such.

Gboard For Android Gets Support For New Languages
Google today announced that it has added support for a couple of new languages to Gboard for Android. It now supports more than 300 language varieties thus covering 74 percent of the world’s population. Google remains committed to improving Gboard in order to make it easier for its users to get their point across no matter which language they’re typing in.

Gboard For iPhone Gets YouTube And Maps Support
Google is adding a couple of new features to its custom keyboard app for the iPhone. Gboard for iPhone has received support for Google Maps and YouTube. This means that users will have access to both services with just one tap of the G button on the keyboard. This makes it easier than ever for them to share their location and video content in any messaging app.These new features that […]

Gmail For Android Updated With Gboard GIF Support
GIFs offer up a pretty fun way to spice up conversations, which is why many messaging platforms and social media networks have started to add support for GIFs. Now if you’re a Gmail user and would love to add GIFs to your emails, you might want to check out the latest update to Gmail for Android.

Google’s iOS App Comes With Gboard Built Into It
You might have heard that back in 2016, Google launched a standalone keyboard app called Gboard which is now available on both iOS and Android devices. Now it looks like Google is deepening their grip on iOS users because in an update to its iOS app, Google is integrating Gboard into the Google app.