When the Nintendo Switch launched, we’re sure that there were some who were surprised that Nintendo did not launch some sports-like game with it unlike what they did with the Wii and Wii U. Instead Nintendo chose to launch 1-2 Switch as a way of showcasing what the console could do.

However if Wii Sports-like games are something you’re interested in, you’ll be pleased to learn that Go Vacation has recently been launched on the console. Developed by Bandai Namco, this is a game that contains a variety of sporting events that players will be able to enjoy with each other with local multiplayer features.

The game has been designed to be like a resort, which means that players will be able to choose a variety of locations to play on, such as at the marine, in the snow, a mountain area, or downtown in a city. Of course whether or not this holds up to the Wii Sports remains to be seen, but it looks like a great game for parties. It is priced at $40 and is currently available for purchase, so head on over to Nintendo’s website for the details, or you can also check out the overview trailer above.

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