Spell-checking tools are more or less the norm when it comes to word processing software, and more advanced word processing tools such as Microsoft Word also include grammar checking features as well. The good news for Google Docs users is that if a grammar checking tool was something you have been hoping to see, you’ll be pleased to learn that your wish has been granted.

Google has recently announced that Google Docs will be getting a grammar-checking feature after what feels like forever, and also for what seems like a standard feature that should have been included from the start. The good news is that this could have been worth the wait because according to Google, the grammar-checking tool will be powered by machine learning.

This means that it will be smarter at analyzing the context of your writing and will be able to provide more accurate recommendations and corrections. The bad news is that this feature won’t be available for everyone right away. It is expected to roll out for business users first and will require the company’s admin to enable it.

As for everyone else, Google has yet to confirm a launch date so we guess we’ll just have to wait. In the meantime for those who do use Google Docs as their primary word processor, there are third-party alternatives such as Grammarly Chrome extension that could also be worth checking out.

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