Logitech is home to a variety of peripherals mostly designed for the PC. This comes in the form of keyboards, mice, webcams, speakers, and so on. However if there is something that Logitech seems to be missing from its lineup, it would be a series of dedicated microphones. However it looks like that problem has been solved.

Logitech has announced that they will be acquiring Blue Microphones, who for those unfamiliar is a company that specializes in creating studio-quality microphones. While the microphones have been used by musicians, we imagine that in this day and age where live streaming can be a lucrative career, these microphones could be used and appreciated by streamers as well.

According to John Maier, Blue Microphones CEO, “Blue and Logitech have a lot in common. Both companies work at being small, fast and hungry, crafting great products with cutting-edge design and technology. We’re an established leader in the broadcasting space with a strong product portfolio. Logitech has design at its heart, tech know-how and global reach. Together we can do amazing things.”

It is unclear as to what will become to Blue Microphones upon successful acquisition, and whether or not Logitech will keep the company running separately or fold them into Logitech. The acquisition is said to be worth $117 million in cash and is expected to be closed by the end of August 2018.

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