Netflix last raised prices in the United States late in 2017. The price increase saw its most expensive Ultra tier being raised from $11.99 per month to $13.99. The same tier costs €13.99 in Europe. While it doesn’t seem that Netflix is planning to raise prices once again, it does appear that the company might introduce a new Ultra tier that’s even more expensive.


According to reports, users in Italy have noticed a new Ultra tier that costs €16.99. It appears that the only major difference between the two tiers is the addition of HDR support. Many subscribers may not find that €3 price hike justified particularly when the increase doesn’t add any additional perks or even more screens.

However, it appears that Netflix is only trying out this new tier at this point in time so check the response from subscribers. A spokesperson for the company confirmed to CNET that its “continuously test new things at Netflix and these tests typically vary in length of time. In this case, we are testing slightly different price points and features to better understand how consumers value Netflix.”

It depends on the result of this test whether Netflix introduces this new Ultra tier elsewhere and also if it decides to offer more perks.

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