Over the years we’ve come to associate sounds with all kinds of events, for example even non-iPhone users can tell it’s an iPhone based on alert sound when a text message arrives or when the phone is ringing. The same can be said for music played from ice cream trucks, in which it is a sound recognized by many of all ages across many generations.


Unfortunately over in NYC, it seems that a cruel prankster has decided to hack the city’s LinkNYC internet booths by making them play ice cream van music. In a report from Motherboard, LinkNYC has confirmed that this is happening, although they noted that this wasn’t really a “hack” to begin with. Apparently people are using the booth’s phone app to call a number, and that person will then play ice cream van music and hide the call in progress so that on first glance, it will be hard to figure out what’s going on.

Given that the city is experiencing a heat wave we can only imagine how frustrating it must be for some who think that the ice cream truck is nearby, only to find out that it isn’t, plus we can imagine how annoying it must be too. According to a tweet by Chelsea Hassler, vice president and editorial director at communications agency Zeno Group, “Someone hacked the internet kiosk in front of my apartment and it’s been playing the ice cream truck song for hours.”

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