Tesla is a company known for various “green” products, such as electric cars, solar roof tiles, battery packs for the home, and so on. Now it looks like the company is back with its latest zero-emission “vehicle” which comes in the form of a surfboard. We’re not sure if this is a gag product or just one made for fun, but it’s real.

According to Tesla’s description of the surface, “Designed by the Tesla Design Studio in collaboration with Lost Surfboards and Matt ‘Mayhem’ Biolos, surfboard shaper for World Surf League Championship athletes. The Limited Edition Tesla Surfboard features a mix of the same high-quality matte and gloss finishes used on all our cars. The deck is reinforced with light-weight ‘Black Dart’ carbon fiber, inspired by the interiors in our cars, and featuring tonal logos in subtle contrast gloss.”

Unsurprisingly given that this surfboard bears the Tesla branding, it does not come cheap at $1,500. This is rather expensive when you consider that the average surfboard goes for less than half that price, or in some case for entry-level models they might be considerably cheaper, but hey, how many of them have the official Tesla branding, right?

Now Tesla says that these surfboards can fit into a Model S, X, and 3 and that they will be a limited run product of 200 units. They are all made-to-order and will be shipping out in 2-10 weeks. At this time of writing it appears that they have all been sold out. We’re not sure if this overwhelming demand might prompt Tesla to produce more, but for now it looks like you’d be out of luck if you wanted to get your hands on one.

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