About a week ago, popular tech YouTuber Dave Lee posted a video in which he discovered that the new 2018 MacBook Pros with the Intel Core i9 processor were running into throttling issues apparently due to poor thermal management. Apple has since issued a patch for their laptops, claiming that this was a “bug”.

Apple also claims that with the patch, the laptops should now perform much better than before, although the question is, does it? For those wondering, the good news is that it does. This is according to a new review by Dave Lee who uploaded a new video in which he confirms that upon applying the patch, performance does improve significantly.

According to Lee, he has seen quite a bit of improvement to his laptop’s performance, where before it took 39 minutes and 37 seconds to render a 4K video, but now it takes 23 minutes and 12 seconds. As Lee notes, this is how a laptop with newer hardware should perform, where previously it appeared that the 2017 MacBook Pro actually edged out the 2018 in terms of rendering times.

That being said, Lee points out that there are more powerful i9 laptops out there if power and performance is what users see. He mentions gaming laptops which sacrifice on thinness for a much better cooling system, where these i9 laptops are capable of nearly doubling up on its base clock speed.

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