Diablo 3 for the Nintendo Switch was recently confirmed and will be released later this year. There are no doubt some questions that gamers might have about the upcoming game, namely its performance on Nintendo’s console. For those who were worried that the Switch’s hardware could hold the game’s performance back, it seems that you need not worry.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Blizzard’s Pete Stilwell confirmed that the game will run at 60fps “across the board”. What this means is that regardless of whether the console is docked or undocked, it will run at 60fps, so gamers can look forward to that buttery smooth gameplay even in handheld mode.

As for resolution, the game will be at 960p in docked mode and 720p when undocked. This is to be expected, and given that the Switch doesn’t exactly have the biggest display, 720p should still look relatively sharp. According to Stilwell, gamers “shouldn’t notice anything different” when playing the game docked or handheld.

That being said, given that Diablo 3 was released in 2012, it makes it a relatively old game which also means that it isn’t quite as demanding in hardware compared to newer titles. The game’s release has been pegged for 2018 and will be released together with the Reaper of Souls expansion, and the Rise of the Necromancer DLC, along with some exclusive Switch in-game items.

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