If you’ve ever been in a group call, you know that sometimes it can get quite crazy with everyone trying to speak over each other, and then you have that one person who doesn’t use a headset and the sound from their speakers echoes into the microphone and it just ends up being total chaos.

The good news is that if you’re using Discord, those group calls can get more manageable. This is thanks to the introduction of a new feature called Priority Speaker. This is where people can assign who is the main speaker, which means that when someone else speaks, their voice will be lower and less distracting compared to the main person.

Obviously this has been designed for gamers in mind, especially for gamers who take part in raids where keeping an ear out for the leader’s calls is important, and where idle chatter can be placed in the background at a much lower volume. According to Discord, “Raid leaders across the world cheer! Give roles the Priority Speaker permission and Discord will lower other peoples’ voices when they speak.”

Those who have Priority Speaker will be marked with a green dot in the voice chat list, so you can tell who has it and who doesn’t. The feature should be live so do keep an eye out for it if you do a fair bit of raiding.

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