In recent times thanks to leaks and rumors, we have been hearing about DJI’s plans to launch a new series of Mavic drones, and sure enough the company has. DJI has officially announced two new camera drones in the form of the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom, with DJI touting both drones as being the “most advanced” DJI camera drone ever built.

Starting with the Mavic 2 Pro, as per the rumors, it looks like DJI has worked together with camera maker Hasselblad for this drone. The drone will feature an integrated Hasselblad camera with a 20MP 1-inch CMOS sensor and a 10-bit Dlog-M color, which according to DJI will capture four times the level of color per channel compared to the previous Mavic Pro. The camera will also feature an f/2.8-f/11 lens, along with 4K 10-bit HDR video recording support.

As for the Mavic 2 Zoom, as the name implies, this drone will be more for those who require zoom support as it will feature two-times optical zoom (24-48mm) with two times digital zoom to get a 96mm zoom. It will also feature the use of a 1/2.3-inch 12MP CMOS sensor that can actually stitch together nine photos to create a 48MP image, making it useful if you’re trying to capture sprawling landscapes.

In terms of actual drone functionality, the new Mavic 2 drones will feature an upgraded FlightAutonomy system, 10 sensors placed around the drone for better obstacle detection, and an Advanced Pilot Assistance System that lets the drone fly around obstacles on its own without stopping. The drones have also been upgraded in terms of its design where it will now be capable of flying at speeds up to 44mph, and a maximum flight time of 31 minutes.

Both drones are currently available for purchase via DJI’s website. The Mavic 2 Pro will be priced at $1,449 while the Mavic 2 Zoom will cost $1,249.

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