The problem with multiplayer games, especially in MMORPGs is that from time to time you encounter players whose sole purpose is to try and kill you in the game and mess up your experience. This can get rather annoying, although the good news is that over the years, developers have been coming up with different ways to deal with this.

In fact for those who are planning to play Bethesda’s Fallout 76, you’ll be pleased to learn that the company actually ran scenarios in which they encouraged everyone to be the biggest jerks possible. This was done to see how they could possibly discourage such behavior, in which one of the ways they have come up with include a bounty system.

This system will basically place a bounty on such players who will also be marked on the map, thus making it easier for players to not only avoid such players, but will also encourage other players to take them out to claim the bounty. There will even be a unique revenge system in which if you take down the person who killed you, then you will get double the payout.

Players who are killed unwillingly will also not have to worry about losing their gear upon death, and there will also be a blocking/ignoring system which lets players avoid such players in the future. Given that that Fallout 76 is essentially an online game, it’s good to see such systems in place ahead of its launch, although how effective they will be remains to be seen.

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