Firefox has launched a new browser extension as an experiment. Called Advance, the extension will be able to provide personalized recommendations for websites and articles based on the user’s recent browsing history. The idea here is that the extension will surface additional content that the user may find relevant and thus make it easier for them to come across new content that they might appreciate.

The “Read Next” section of the Advance extension will recommend articles related to the current tab. The “For You” section will offer broader recommendations that are based on the recent browsing history.

For example, if you’re going through a list of popular restaurants, Advance will be able to recommend other restaurants that are similar to the ones that you’re looking at so that it’s easier for you to compare the options.

The recommendations are personalized to each individual user and won’t show a mix of paid listings alongside the recommended content. However, there’s a possibility that this may happen down the line if this extension becomes popular.

The Advance extension is part of Firefox’s Test Pilot program through which Mozilla tests new features through users who want to try them out before they are released for everyone. Those who are interested in trying out this extension can now sign up and install Advance.

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