God of War fans will be delighted to know that the release date for the New Game+ mode has been confirmed today. Aaron Kaufman from Sony’s Santa Monica Studio confirmed today that New Game+ will be released later this month. In order to access this mode, players will first have to complete the story campaign of the game on any difficulty.


God of War New Game+ is going to be available as a free patch update on August 20th. Those who have already completed the game’s story campaign on any difficulty will find New Game+ ready and waiting for them on August 20th once the patch is applied.

New Game+ is going to add a lot of new gear to the title in addition to more difficult enemies. It will enable cinematic skipping as well since it won’t be needed for players to watch the sequences because they have already finished the game once.

Players will be able to go through the journey of Kratos and Atreus with all of their previous armors, enchantments, resources, talismans, and more on the difficulty of their choosing. They will be able to test their skills against higher level enemies with some even having new tricks.

This is the biggest update released for God of War and it promises a lot of fun for players who have completed the game already. New Game+ for God of War will be out on August 20th.

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