These days when you consider the sophistication behind hacks and scam emails designed to trick you into giving away your login credentials, it is obvious that just a username and password is no longer enough to keep accounts safe. That is where two-factor authentications come into play, or in Google’s case, physical security keys.

Last month Google announced that they would soon start to sell their Titan security keys, and for those who are interested, you’ll be pleased to learn that the keys are now available for purchase via the Google Store (via The Verge) where the entire kit will cost $50. The Titan key was initially launched for Google Cloud customers last month, but now it looks like it will be available to all users who want that extra layer of protection.

Essentially the key is a form of two-factor authentication, where as long as it remains plugged into your computer, it will verify who you say you are when you log into various online services. The added advantage is that they are more resistant and less susceptible to phishing attacks. In fact Google had touted that the mandated use of the key at its headquarters have resulted in zero successful phishing attacks on their employees which is a rather bold claim to make.

Of course the downside is that you need to remember to bring the key with you everywhere you go if you want to remain protected. There is also the risk that you could lose it, but if you think that the added security is worth remembering to bring around an extra device, then head on over to the Google Store to get your hands on it.

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