Even though it has launched premium subscription services, the core functionality of YouTube remains free. Anyone can upload videos and anyone can watch them for free. The catch here is that viewers have to put up with ads, including non-skippable ads that you can’t skip five seconds after it has started playing. A new change will result in more non-skippable ads on YouTube.


Non-skippable ads weren’t available to all creators who can monetize their content previously but that’s going to change. YouTube has confirmed that all creators that can monetize their videos on the platform will soon be able to enable non-skippable ads on all of their videos.

You can expect to see more of such ads starting next week as that’s when this change will be rolling out. All eligible creators will receive a notification in their dashboard informing them that they can enable non-skippable ads even on videos that have previously been published.

Creators earn more from advertisers for such ads. YouTube is thus providing them with an incentive to stick to its platform and continue to produce more content. This means that the viewers will stick around as well and more ad sales will earn more commissions for YouTube.

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