PVP battles in Pokemon GO is something that has been talked about for a long time. It seemed like a rather basic and straightforward feature that should have been included from the start, but yet the folks at Niantic have yet to implement it. In fact last year the company was still making promises about the feature eventually arriving.

The good news is that it looks like the feature could finally make its way into the game this year. This was revealed by Niantic’s head of product marketing, Anne Beuttenmüller, who recently did an interview with Polish magazine Gum (via Cult of Mac). According to the interview, it seems that Beuttenmüller revealed that Niantic is aiming to release the feature by the end of 2018, but no specific dates or details have yet to be released.

Some of the game’s most requested features include trading and PVP battles. The former finally made its way into the game earlier this year so PVP battles are left. Niantic will definitely want to hurry because while Pokemon GO has certainly had its fair share of fans when it launched, it’s safe to say that its popularity has waned slightly over the years.

Not to mention Nintendo has several new Pokemon games that are planned for a release later this year, so we wouldn’t be surprised if some players shifted their attention and time to those games instead.

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