With so many carriers and plans to choose from, it can feel a bit overwhelming as a consumer. There are of course many factors involved in making a decision, but the good news is that T-Mobile is now offering free 30-day trials in three cities which includes Atlanta, Georgia; Austin, Texas; and Boston, Massachusetts.


So what does this entail? Basically those who are interested in testing out T-Mobile’s service and coverage will be given a portable WiFi hotspot with a SIM card inside of it. This will allow users to connect a variety of devices to the hotspot to test out the carrier’s services to determine if its speed and reception is good enough for you to consider signing up with them.

This is a 30-day trial but note that this is not an unlimited trial, meaning that it was not designed to be abused by customers hoping to get free unlimited data for the entire month. The trial will run for a maximum of 30 days, or 30GB worth of data, whichever comes first (it’s also a good way to gauge how much data you might actually use).

Right now only those three cities we mentioned above will be participating in this trial, and it is unclear if there are plans to expand, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled. In the meantime for those who are interested in taking part, head on over to T-Mobile’s website for the details.

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