Trash cans are pretty simple and straightforward devices. They are meant to house your trash. However it seems that Xiaomi has decided that maybe trash cans need upgrading and have since launched a crowdfunding page for a smart bin that will not only be capable of sealing your trash bags, but replacing them as well.


This means that it will be able to save users time from having to do those things themselves, although it does stop short of actually taking the trash out for you. Other smart features include a built-in proximity sensor that can detect when your hand is close to its lid, where it will then open up for you automatically. The smart bin will also come with an airtight lid that will help to prevent odor from escaping it.

The smart bin has been launched on YouPin which is a crowdfunding platform in China. It seems to be a particularly well-received idea as 19,000 people have pledged their support for it where it has managed to raise a whopping CNY 3.7 million to date. We doubt that we will be seeing this smart bin make its way to the US, so don’t get your hopes up just yet.

Interestingly enough as a company that is known for smartphones, Xiaomi has expanded its lineup where it includes products such as drones, air purifiers, toothbrushes, and now smart bins.

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