The problem with phones sporting edge-to-edge displays is where would you house some of the components needed for the front part of the phone? This has resulted in the notch design which some seem to be okay with, while others have lambasted the companies that have adopted and perpetuated it.


However it seems that companies such as Vivo and Oppo have come up with a novel solution: hide the front-facing camera and pop it out only when necessary. This is an interesting solution in which Xiaomi seems to have decided that it is good enough to follow as well. In a post on Weibo (via TNW), the company’s president Lin Bin shared an image of the upcoming Mi Mix 3 that also packs its own popup camera.

Not much is known about the Mi Mix 3 for now, which is why it is interesting that Xiaomi is willing to reveal this much this early on. However judging by the photos, we can expect the same edge-to-edge display design as we have come to expect from previous releases, and also a popup camera which appears to have dual lenses.

There are some who have pointed out that while popup cameras do solve the problem of the notch, it creates another problem where what if the popup mechanism stops working one day? Or what if it gets damaged when it is open and won’t close? We suppose that’s the risk one has to take if you really hate the notched design.

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