Instagram’s Stories are talked about quite a bit and they also seem to be rather popular, but in case you didn’t know, Instagram’s Stories aren’t original and were inspired by Snapchat who pretty much kicked off the concept. Stories has since been adapted to other Facebook services such as Facebook and WhatsApp, and now it looks like YouTube wants in on the action as well.


Spotted by (via Android Police), it seems that YouTube could be getting its own Stories feature soon. According to Android Police, they too noticed this feature just the other day when YouTube’s dark mode for Android began rolling out. The UI of YouTube’s Stories seem to be pretty identical to that of Instagram, although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing since it would make it a familiar interface.

At the moment it appears that the feature is available to some users which means that it is a feature currently in testing. No word on when it is expected to roll out, so we’ll just have to wait and see. That being said, we imagine that Stories on YouTube will be rather different compared to that of Snapchat and Instagram.

This is due to the fact that these platforms are used in different ways. For example it is possible that Stories could be a way for YouTube’s creators to post quick video updates without having to upload a new video to their channel. In any case we should find out once the feature begins rolling out to more users which hopefully won’t be too long.

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