It became clear soon after Amazon unveiled its Alexa digital personal assistant that the company wasn’t interested in keeping the assistant limited to its own hardware. It has worked with countless partners recently to bring Alexa to a wide variety of products, including cars. That has resulted in Alexa becoming a dominant force in the digital assistant arena so much so that the company has revealed that Alexa is now available on more than 2,000 devices.

Amazon revealed at its IFA 2018 press event this week that Alexa can be found on more than 20,000 devices from over 3,500 brands. That’s a significant jump because the last time Amazon gave these figures were at the start of this year and at that time, Alexa was available on some 4,000 devices.

This has largely been possible due to Amazon’s partners as the company doesn’t make a lot of Alexa-powered devices on its own. There are only a handful of Echo speakers and Fire TV products that are Alexa-enabled. Amazon’s aggressive push to get third-party manufacturers to adopt the assistant has been achieving the intended result.

The Google Assistant remains firmly in second place behind Alexa even though the internet search giant has also been working with third-party manufacturers. The company last revealed in May that the Google Assistant is available on more than 5,000 devices.

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