Digital wellbeing seems to be the buzzword of the season. Many tech companies are starting to incorporate such tools into their products and services, such as YouTube who recently introduced a tool to let users know how long they’ve spent watching videos on their platform. Now it looks like dating app Bumble is doing the same.


The company has recently launched its own digital wellbeing tool in the form of snooze mode. What this does is that it basically lets users take a break from the app and all of its notifications and alerts. Users can opt to snooze the app for as long as they want, ranging from a day, a few days, a week, or until they decide they’re ready to come back.

When users set themselves on Snooze mode, they will get a choice to add a reason as to why they are snoozed which will appear in ongoing chats. This is completely optional but if you’d rather not have people wonder where you’ve gone, you could always choose from a variety of explanations.

Users who go into Snooze mode will also make their profiles invisible and they will also not show up in the swipe carousel, as expected. We expect that Bumble won’t be the only dating app to start introducing similar features, but when exactly that will happen for other apps remains to be seen.

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