Back in 2017, Google launched a device called Clips. Shaped like a small action camera similar to a GoPro, Clips is designed to be a “moments” camera, where you set it aside and by using AI, it will try to determine the best time to capture photos so that you don’t miss out on any moments.

However if you’ve always felt that maybe Clips isn’t doing a good job at capturing moments, or if you think that it should capture more moments, then you’ll want to update it because in the latest update to the camera and its accompanying app, Google has improved upon the capture rate.

According to Google, “Capture more amazing moments using the completely rebuilt “High” Capture Rate. Flip this on in Settings to capture many more hugs, jumps, smiles, dances, and more.” Google has also made improvements to how the camera treats the “best” frame by saving it in full resolution, so that you have more options when it comes to editing it or printing it, where higher resolution images usually offer up more detail.

There is also the inclusion of a “Familiar Faces Management” screen that lets users manage who the camera thinks is important to you, and if you think that the AI could use some fine tuning, you’ll be able to edit that list as well. The update should already be live so head on over to the Google Play Store to get your hands on it.

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