Printers serve a very specific function so many do not really think too much about how they look. However that doesn’t mean that they can’t be improved upon, which is something that HP is trying to do with its latest printer, the HP Tango in which not only has HP tried to reimagine what a printer should look like, but they have given it some smarts as well.

According to HP, “Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that makes life easier. And this sleek, fully app-based, voice-activated printer, is it. With seamless set-up and cloud-based connectivity, you can print, scan and copy from anywhere. And, because it’s so beautifully designed, it will blend seamlessly into your home décor when not in use.”

HP claims that users will be able to use a variety of covers made from different materials to help decorate the printer to help it better fit into your home’s overall aesthetics. This ranges from linen to cork which can also help you keep the printer away without it being an eyesore. The printer will also offer remote printing capabilities using cellular data or WiFi, and there is also the option for the printer to order itself new ink whenever levels get too low.

The HP Tango will be available in October where it will be priced at $149. For those who want the version with a cover, the HP Tango X will be priced at $199, and there will be more cover options available at a later date.

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