These days a lot of digital cameras come with Bluetooth and/or WiFi built into them. The idea is that by offering a wireless connection, users will be able to transfer photos wirelessly to computers and mobile devices, and in some cases, some apps even allow users to trigger their cameras from a distance, acting as a remote shutter button.

For Leica owners who have always felt that the Leica app for smartphones was always a bit lacking compared to the competition, you’ll be pleased to learn that Leica has announced a new updated app that will offer users greater control over their cameras. This will include the ability to take photos remotely, touch to focus, adjust settings, and so on.

The best part is that this will work across most of Leica’s digital camera range, such as the Leica S, SL, M10, TL2, and CL, along with the company’s more recent models. As some have pointed out, other camera brands have had such apps for years, but then again chances are if you are buying a Leica, the quality/functionality of its mobile app is probably not a priority anyway.

That being said, the app isn’t available yet and is only scheduled for a release on the 24th of October, but those who are interested can sign up via Leica’s website to take it for a test drive.

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