#IFA18 – When it comes to drinking water, there are some who are perfectly fine drinking from the tap (assuming wherever you live has filtered tap water). However there are some who feel that even filtered tap water isn’t enough, and sometimes chooses to add another layer of filtering.

However if that’s not clean enough or if you wanted to add minerals to your water without having to buy mineral water, Mitte might have something for you. The company recently showed off a device at IFA 2018 which basically takes water, removes any contaminants from it, condenses it to create “pure” water, and even gives users the option to add “essential minerals” to it, such as calcium or magnesium in the form of cartridges.

On paper basically what it does is that it strips water to its purest form and from there you can “customize” what you want to put in it, or so the company claims. The company had previously launched their product on Kickstarter and will be releasing the device in the summer of 2019, and the goal is to try and bring the price further down. The company seems to have garnered the interest of investors as well, where they have managed to raise $10.6 million after an initial round of seed funding that was led by Danone Manifesto Ventures.

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