Wireless charging isn’t new and we imagine that over time as wireless charging technology improves, it will soon become a standard feature we’ll see from smartphones and possibly even other accessories as well. However in the meantime for those who are looking for wireless charging accessories and devices, Mophie has recently unveiled a bunch of them.


The new wireless charging accessories from Mophie come in a variety of shapes and sizes and uses. For starters there will be the Charge Stream Vent Mount which has been designed to be mounted on the air vent of your car. There will be a dash cup that allows it to be mounted on a dashboard or console if you prefer, and will support Apple and Samsung’s fast charging feature.

Then there is also the Charge Stream Desk Stand, which as the name implies is a charging stand for your desk that offers wireless charging capabilities. Given that it is held at an angle, it can be used as a dock as well, and also potentially Face ID unlocking. Then there are the Charge Stream Powerstation Wireless and Wireless XL, which are basically power banks that also offer wireless charging.

This means that if you have multiple devices that needs to be charged and you only have one cable, as long as the other device supports wireless charging, you can just place it on top of the power bank and you’ll be good to go. The main difference would be in their battery sizes where they sport 6,040mAH and 10,000mAh battery sizes respectively.

All these wireless chargers will work with Qi-compatible devices, so unless you’re using a device that does not use Qi, you shouldn’t have any issues. As for pricing, the Charge Stream Vent Mount and Charge Stream Desk Stand are priced at $70, while the Charge Stream Powerstation Wireless and Wireless XL will be priced at $80 and $100 respectively.

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