Amazon has announced an update for its most popular Echo speaker today. The new Amazon Echo comes after the original one was released back in 2016. It has an updated design that features softer edges and fabric covers. There’s better sound quality as well, according to the company.


The speaker retains the same four button control layout as its predecessor. However, the seven microphone array has been replaced with a new four microphone array. It may be a case of quality over quantity here but that can only be ascertained once this product is released.

Amazon mentioned during its surprise event today that the new Echo Dot has better sound quality than the original model. Amazon claims that the new device has 70 percent louder volume. This will certainly be appreciated as many users tend to stream music through their smart speakers and not everyone is willing to spend a significant amount of money on premium smart speakers.

Amazon has confirmed today that the new Echo Dot is going to retain the $49.99 price point so that’s an added benefit for those who have been thinking about picking one up. It’s going to be released next month in every market where Alexa is currently available.

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