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Alexa Guard Turns Your Echo Into A Security Device
Amazon is rolling out its Alexa Guard feature for Echo devices in the United States. This follows an invite-only preview of the feature which was launched a few months back. What Alexa Guard essentially does is listen for signs of potential danger in your home when you’re away. It can be enabled by simply telling the Echo device that you’re out and it will then start listening for signs of […]

Roku Devices Can Now Be Controlled With Alexa
Roku has added support for yet another voice assistant to its streaming hardware. The company announced support for the Google Assistant just last fall and it has now done the same for Amazon’s Alexa. It will now be possible for Roku users to control their devices using voice commands given to Alexa.

LA Hospital Testing Alexa For 'Patient-Centered' Voice Assistant Platform
The Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles has started a new pilot program which puts an Alexa-powered platform called Aiva in more than 100 patient rooms. The platform enables patients to interact with the nurses hands-free and also control their entertainment. The hospital says that Aiva is the “world’s first patient-centered voice assistant platform for hospitals.”

Amazon Starts Selling Echo Wall Clock Once Again
Amazon decided to pull its Echo Wall Clock late last month over connectivity issues. This product was unveiled alongside a handful of other Alexa-enabled devices a couple of months back. Amazon pulled it from the shelves merely a few weeks after it started shipping out the Echo Wall Clock. It had made the decision due to connectivity issues with the device. Those issues have now been addressed and Amazon is […]


Amazon Echo Wall Clock Pulled Over Connectivity Issues
Amazon launched a barrage of Alexa-enabled devices a couple of months ago and the Echo Wall Clock was one of them. It has been just over a month since the company started shipping this product and it has now had to pull it from the proverbial shelves. The decision has been made due to connectivity issues with the device.

Apple Music For Amazon Echo Devices Coming In A Couple Of Weeks
Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo devices can perform a wide variety of tasks, including but not limited to music streaming. They support a handful of popular streaming services from which users can listen to their favorite tracks by simply giving out voice commands. They will soon be able to do that with Apple Music as well.

You Can Make Skype Calls Through Alexa Now
It was announced in September this year that Amazon Echo Show devices will be able to make voice and video calls with Skype. This would finally allow Echo Show owners to use one of the world’s most popular voice and video calling services to connect with their loved ones. This feature is now available starting today.

Pandora Premium Support Arrives For Amazon Echo Devices
Amazon Echo owners now have another service to stream music from. It has been confirmed today that Pandora Premium subscribers will now be able to stream music on their Echo devices. This will also be possible on third-party speakers with Alexa that support Pandora.

Amazon Echo Devices Now Available From Microsoft
Microsoft is no stranger to selling devices from other companies in its official store and it appears to have extended this privilege to some of Amazon’s Echo devices. They’re the smart speakers from the online retail giant that are powered by its Alexa smart assistant. A couple of models are now being sold from the official Microsoft store.

Sirius XM Eyes Your Living Room In Amazon Echo Push
Sirius XM’s traditional stronghold has been inside the car but the company now has its eyes on your living room. The company has teamed up with Amazon to push its service to listeners’ homes through the Echo, Amazon’s popular smart speaker. It will now be providing a three months subscription of its service for free to Echo customers.

New Amazon Echo Dot Gets Updated Design And Better Sound Quality
Amazon has announced an update for its most popular Echo speaker today. The new Amazon Echo comes after the original one was released back in 2016. It has an updated design that features softer edges and fabric covers. There’s better sound quality as well, according to the company.

Best Amazon Alexa Commands
The top Amazon Alexa commands to really make Alexa work for you and save you time, effortlessly. This list will broadly expand your usage of Alexa. Utilize your voice-assistant fully.

Alexa Can Now Remember Things For You
Alexa is the digital personal assistant that powers Amazon’s Echo devices. The company keeps adding new functionality to Alexa so that it’s capable of helping out users with more and thus make their lives easier. Amazon introduced a handful of new features for Alexa last week and one of them, called Remember This, is now available. The feature enables Alexa to remember things that you tell it to.

Amazon May Be Developing A Home Robot
Amazon is a major player in the smart speaker market already and it appears that the company now has another device that it wants to put in your home. According to a new report, Amazon has been working on its first home robot which will have computer vision for navigation and will essentially double as a mobile Alexa.

Gordon Ramsay Alexa Skill Critiques Your Cooking
British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is best known for the rather colorful language that he uses to critique foods on the many TV shows that he does. What if you don’t want to go on a TV show but want your food judged by a man whose restaurants have been awarded a total of 16 Michelin stars? Just get yourself an Alexa-enabled device because there’s now a Gordon Ramsay Alexa […]

Alexa Gets A Personal Finance Feature For Ally Bank Customers
Amazon and Ally Bank have created a new skill for the former’s AI-powered digital assistant Alexa. The skill brings a new personal finance feature for Alexa that’s powered by Ally Bank. The bank’s customers can now ask Alexa questions like how many hours will they need to work in order to purchase a house, car or even that vacation they’ve always wanted.

Amazon Echo Devices Can Now Call Landline And Mobile Numbers For Free
Amazon recently launched new Echo devices and it also confirmed that its Echo devices can now call landline and mobile numbers for free. The Amazon Echo, Echo Show, and Echo Dot have all gained the ability to make voice calls to mobile and landline numbers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico for free. It’s also possible to receive calls on the Echo devices but it’s not free.

Surprise Amazon Hardware Event Confirmed For Today
There have been rumors recently that Amazon is going to launch new hardware products but the rumors haven’t suggested that the company has new Echo devices in the pipeline. They have been about new Fire TV devices. It’s unclear what Amazon has in the pipeline right now but the company has confirmed a surprise hardware event which is going to take place later today.

Amazon Might Launch An Updated Echo Soon
Amazon hasn’t really changed the hardware of its original Echo speaker which it launched back in 2015. It has launched new Echo products but the original smart speaker has remained the same more or less. Perhaps it’s about time that the company launched an updated version of this product. That seems likely now that the original Echo is out of stock online.

Amazon Echo Multi-Room Audio Support Released
It’s finally possible to link your Amazon Echo devices together and blast the same music in multiple rooms in your house. Amazon has confirmed today that its Echo devices now have support for multi-room audio. What that means is that Amazon Echo owners can now synchronize their music across multiple Echo devices placed at different places throughout their house.