Spotify, the most popular music streaming service in the world, allows users to download tracks for offline listening. However, the app previously limited them to 3,333 tracks per device. Subscribers could only save 3,333 tracks per device and had a three device limit. Many had been calling on Spotify to increase the limit and it has done that quietly with the latest app update which bumps up the limit to 50,000 tracks.


Spotify confirmed to Rolling Stone that it’s now possible for subscribers to save up to 50,000 tracks for offline listening. The device limit has been increased from three to five and subscribers can now save 10,000 tracks per device.

“At Spotify, we’re always working on improving the experience for our users. We can now confirm that we have increased the number of offline tracks per device — from 3,333 on three devices to 10,000 tracks per device for up to five devices,” said a spokesperson for the Swedish company.

While the 50,000 track limit is far from being truly unlimited in allowing subscribers to download as many songs as they want for offline listening, it’s certainly a step in the right direction and will pacify those subscribers who really didn’t like the previous limit of 3,333 tracks per device.

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