Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter let users choose who they want to follow. This means that what you see on your timeline and feed should pretty much be from people or brands that you have explicitly chosen to follow. So you can imagine the surprise of some users who discovered tweets on their timeline that are unwanted.


This was originally discovered by user @TappyPaws who spotted a bunch of political tweets on her timeline, which she then speculated was Twitter’s way of breaking people out of their “bubbles” and to foster interaction with people with different opinions and viewpoints. However according to Twitter, this is not the case and is apparently a bug that the company is looking into and working on a fix.

Speaking to Engadget, a Twitter spokesperson said, “This is not a test. This is a bug involving Likes that we’re working to fix. The issue is affecting numerous accounts.” Twitter has been facing increasing heat over the past year or so, where the company has been accused of a variety of things, such as shadow banning.

They have also courted controversy when they refused to take down tweets and posts that are deemed to be fake, stating that the company is not an arbiter of truth. In the meantime for those who wish to be rid of Twitter’s algorithmic tweets, Engadget points towards user Andy Baio who shared a search filter that would basically only show tweets of people you follow, nothing more, nothing less.

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