These days threaded conversations are a popular design. Back in the day, especially with text messages and comments, each post would get its own space, and usually that was a problem because it takes away the context (or at least makes it less obvious). Strangely enough this was still part of Twitter’s design, at least until now.


According to a tweet by Twitter’s Sara Haider, it appears that the company is testing out threaded replies in tweets as you can see in the image below. Haider claims that this has been done to make replies feel more like conversations, which we guess is better as it feels more personal and less like a comment.

In addition to testing out the threaded replies feature, Haider also revealed that Twitter was also testing out online status indicators that lets users know whether or not another user is online at the moment. Online status indicators aren’t necessarily new, but interestingly enough companies like Instagram and now Twitter are only implementing (or testing) them out.

As Haider notes, these are features that are still early in development, which means that what you see now might not be the final version, if it gets to there at all, but what do you guys think? Are these features you think Twitter needs?

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