Apple conducted an event today for its new Macs and iPads in New York. Aside from unveiling the products, it also provided some numbers about how the Mac has been doing. Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed during the event that there are more than 100 million Macs now in use across the globe.


“People love the Mac and they use it to create all kinds of amazing things every day,” Cook said, revealing that the current active install base of the Mac is at an impressive 100 million.

Cook also mentioned that one of the reasons why the Mac has a high customer satisfaction is because of macOS. The company makes its own software for its hardware products and that’s a major reason why not only its Mac but also its iPhone and iPad owners tend to have higher satisfaction with its products.

Apple is able to bring in a lot of new users to the Mac. 51 percent of Mac customers are new customers. The number is even higher for customers in China where 76 percent of the customers are buying a Mac for the very first time. The company will obviously be hoping that its active install base grows with the launch of the new MacBook Air and new Mac Mini today.

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