In 2017 when Apple launched the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the X, the phones featured IP67 ratings, meaning that they were water-resistant to a certain degree. However in 2018, the new iPhones were improved and were given an IP68 rating, so does that mean the 2019 iPhones could feature even better water and dust resistance?


That won’t be the case, or at least that’s according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who claims that the 2019 iPhones will continue to use the IP68 rating. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as an IP68 rating is already pretty good, and if you are planning on going swimming with your iPhone or use it for underwater photography for extended periods of time, there are various waterproof cases that should do a better job of protecting it anyway.

For those unfamiliar with the IP ratings, it stands for Ingress Protection where the first number is protection against solid objects where the number 6 denotes that it is protected from dust. The second number is for liquids, where the different numbers indicate protection against liquids of varying degrees and strength.

For example last year’s iPhones had an IP67 rating which meant that it was resistant against  strong water jets and waves, so accidentally getting your phone wet isn’t a problem. This year’s iPhones with the IP68 rating means that in the event you drop your phone into the pool or ocean and retrieve it in a short enough amount of time, it should still continue to function.

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