#CEATEC2018 – Using drone to shoot videos is becoming increasingly common these days where due to the ease of access to consumer drones, even amateurs and hobbyists can shoot video footage using drones. However piloting a drone can be tricky, let alone achieve stable footage, and this is something Aeronekt seems to have solved with their 4D Gravity technology.

Basically the 4G Gravity technology involves a gimbal that’s placed right smack in the middle of the drone. As you can see in the video above, this allows the drone to fly as wildly as it likes, while at the same time the gimbal in the middle maintains its position and stability. This means that while the drone itself could be flailing around hue to harsh weather conditions such as strong winds, your footage should remain relatively stable.

It is also believed that this extreme stabilization will help improve fuel efficiency and also mobility of the drone. Of course the downside is that this makes the drone rather big and bulky and not necessarily something that’s easy to bring around with you. However we suppose for film crews who might be lugging around bulky items already, it might not be an issue, nor should it be a problem for industrial use.

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