While Amazon opening up Alexa to third-party developers is a good thing as it allowed more skills to be created, it also created a problem: these skills all work by themselves and there isn’t any cohesion to them. This means that you had to use different skills for different tasks, one after the other.


However Amazon is looking to change that as they have announced a new feature called skill connections. Basically what this does is that it allows skills to work together, which will let users perform multiple tasks at once. Some of the companies that have hopped on board this bandwagon includes HP, OpenTable, and AllRecipes.

One of the examples of skill connections is imagine you are using an Alexa skill to purchase last minute tickets to see a show, in which the skill could then also offer to book you a taxi to the venue, and you can even choose to print out your tickets. Previously this would have required additional steps, but with skill connections, it has been designed to be a seamless process.

That being said, the onus will be on developers to take advantage of this new feature and integrate their skills with other skills. Exactly how many developers will be using this remains to be seen, but it is there should developers decide to use it.

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