Back in the day, group chat platforms such as IRC were extremely popular, where users could get together in massive chat rooms and talk with each other. While group chats are still very much alive and well, they usually don’t scale up to the same level compared to back in the day, but it seems that Facebook might want to revive that trend.

The company has recently made some changes to Facebook Groups where it appears that users will soon be able to create group chats with support for as many as 250 members at once. This means that instead of relying on posting in the group itself, users could create chats where they can respond to messages in real-time.

There will also be support for video calls with up to 50 members at once, which could be useful if group members are located in various parts of the world and you’re trying to bring more people together at the same time. As TechCrunch points out, Facebook has been trying to find ways to integrate Groups and Messenger with each other for a while now, and it seems that they might have found a way to do so.

Note that these changes aren’t live for everyone yet and are expected to roll out in the next few days/weeks, so keep an eye out for it if massive group chats are a feature you’d like to check out.

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