When software has been around for a long time, what happens is that it eventually starts getting a bit bloated with features and tools that the app has accumulated over the years. This can result in an app that feels slow to use and has a UI that’s cluttered. Facebook’s Messenger was such an app, but the company has changed that with the release of Messenger 4.


In the latest update to Messenger, Facebook has decided to clean up the app to make it easier for users to use. According to the company, “To make it easier to find the features you care about, the new Messenger will have three tabs instead of nine. Your conversations — both one-to-one and groups — are front and center in the Chats tab. For hundreds of millions of people every day who share pictures and videos, Messenger 4 will have visual communication features like Camera at the top so you can easily capture and share your selfies.”

The update will also introduce more chat customizations, where users can add color gradients to their chat bubbles. However Facebook notes that despite these changes, they will be keeping many of Messenger’s core features around, such as polling your friends, being able to decide on what movies to watch with friends, live location sharing, and so on. These changes are expected to roll out over the course of the next few weeks so keep an eye out for it.

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