As apps grow and update over time, it can start to become bloated with features that are no longer used, which also means that the app will start to take up more space than it should. This seems to be the case with Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes whose continuous updates with new heroes and maps has increased the app’s overall footprint on mobile devices.


The good news is that if you’re running low on space, not to worry because a “Lite” version of Fire Emblem Heroes is said to be in the works. This Lite version of the game will not remove any features, but instead will rely on lower quality graphics and sound which is an unfortunate trade-off, but like we said in case your phone has fixed storage and you’re running low, then this will be one way to deal with the storage problem.

That being said, the difference in size is pretty huge. According to the report, the current HQ version of the game takes up about 1,224.6MB, but the Lite version will only take up about 277.7MB, freeing up 1GB in the process. Gamers who already own the game will be able to select the “Lite” version of the app within the settings, so it’s not like you will need to download a new copy of the game.

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