Fortnite received Update 6.10 yesterday and there’s a surprise in there for PlayStation 4 Pro owners. Most players don’t really read the changelogs so they don’t know the full extent of changes that a new patch like this brings. There’s one key addition in this patch that PlayStation 4 Pro owners will particularly like. Epic Games has boosted the Fortnite PS4 Pro resolution from 1080p to 1440p.

The changelog for Update 6.10 confirms that if the PlayStation 4 Pro is plugged into a 4K TV, the game will now render of 1440p instead of 1080p. The update also brings audio memory optimizations for Xbox and physics optimizations for cosmetic items.

What this means is that PS4 Pro owners who have their console hooked up to a 4K TV will now get sharper visuals in the game since it will render at 2560×1440 instead of 1920×1080. This improvement hasn’t been made out of the blue. Epic Games had promised back in August that it would boost the title’s resolution on PS4 Pro in a future update. It’s following through on that promise now.

The latest update for this popular battle royale title also adds in-game tournaments which are essentially a variety of online competitions that are open to all players regardless of their platform.

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