Google is rolling out a couple of new features today to help make your daily commute easier. This will enable users to plan ahead and prepare for the inevitable disruptions that can disrupt their daily commute and add to the stress levels. It’s also adding music controls to the app.


There’s a new commute tab in Google Maps which provides access to live traffic and transit information tailored to the user’s commute with just one tap. It’s here that users will be able to see if their commute on that day will be normal or if they need to budget extra time due to an accident or heavy traffic. If there’s a delay, Maps will tell them about alternative routes. It will also send notifications about delays and disruptions on the route as they happen to users on Android.

There’s even a feature for users whose commute involves both driving and public transit. The app will provide them with helpful information about each leg of their trip, such as if there’s traffic on the drive and when the next train is bound to depart.

Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music are now available within Google Maps. This means that users will be able to control their streaming music and podcasts from within Google Maps navigation. This means they will no longer have to jump between apps when navigating through Google Maps.

These new features are rolling out to Google Maps users on iOS and Android this week.

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