It is largely expected that Samsung will be unveiling a foldable smartphone later this year, or at least sharing some details about the device. However Samsung is not alone in wanting to explore the concept of foldable phones because last we heard, Lenovo was also planning something and is said to be working with LG on such a device.

Now it looks like Huawei is tossing their hat into the ring because according to Richard Yu, Huawei’s CEO of consumer products, he has confirmed that the company has plans to launch a foldable phone in 2019. Not only will this be a foldable device, but apparently it will also support 5G connectivity.

Yu’s comments echo those made by Huawei’s chairman Ken Hu, who said last month that the company’s first 5G smartphone would also be a foldable one, and that it might arrive by next June. At the moment the jury is still out with regards to foldable smartphones. In concept they sound extremely promising.

After all who wouldn’t love the idea of a smartphone that can be expanded into a tablet, and back into a smartphone, right? However whether such a device is practical and if there are any compromises to the overall experience remains to be seen, but either way 2019 certainly does look like the year we can expect to see foldable phones.

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