Facebook’s multiple data lapses this year have affected millions of people across the globe and this hasn’t gone down well with Japan. The country’s government today called on the world’s largest social network to do more in order to protect the personal data of its users. It also wants Facebook to inform regulators of any future changes in security measures.

Japan’s government has called on Facebook to fully communicate any and all security issues with users and also increase the oversight of app providers on its platform. Japan is urging Facebook following a recent hack which revealed personal information of nearly 30 million users.

While it was initially reported that the reason of this hack could have been influencing voters ahead of the U.S. midterm elections, it later emerged that the hackers only wanted to use the data to sell shoddy adverts. This emerged merely months after it was revealed back in April this year that the personal data of almost 87 million users was accessed by Cambridge Analytica improperly.

Facebook is seemingly in damage control mode following this incidents and is reportedly thinking about acquiring a major cybersecurity company. This would not only improve the security of its platform but will also be a good PR move to showcase that its serious about tackling these security challenges.

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