AIST or Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Institute of Japan has made a humanoid robot that can perform simple construction tasks on its own. The video shows this robot, dubbed the HRP-5P, can install a drywall. It’s obviously not the fastest at installing drywall and a human will most certainly beat it at speed but it does get the job done and goes to show that robots will be more than capable of doing this in the future.


The robot is capable of carrying out this task after using environmental measurement, object detection, and motion planning. The video shoes it using small hooks to grab the piece of drywall. It then makes the required maneuvers before drilling the piece in place.

“By utilizing HRP-5P as a development platform of industry-academia collaboration, it is expected that research and development for practical use of humanoid robots in building construction sites and assembly of large structures such as aircraft and ships will be accelerated,” say the creators of this robot.

AIST envisages a future where such robots are used in construction sites. It’s a technological response to Japan’s aging population and a shortage of labor. The institute aims for autonomous replacement of labor at large scale assembly sites for houses, buildings, ships, and aircraft.

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