It appears there’s an unannounced open world Harry Potter game. This revelation comes from a leaked video of the RPG which has reportedly surfaced from a focus group conducted in the United States. It shows a third-person, open-world action RPG that’s set in Harry Potter’s world with a twist. It’s set in the 19th Century.

Not a lot is known about this title right now. It may very well be in development but its future remains far from certain right now. Rumor has it that this title is being developed by Avalanche Software.

The Reddit user who posted this footage claims that someone approached them in a shopping mall to watch the trailer and complete a short survey in exchange for $8. They were not allowed to take cameras and phones inside but the company conducting the survey didn’t confiscate them, hence the leaked video.

The rights to develop games based on the Harry Potter franchise currently rest with Warner Brothers, the parent company of Avalanche Software. Its most recent game was a mobile title called Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

This unannounced Harry Potter game may allow you to play as eight different Wizard types, have control over your house, and decide whether you want to be with the good guys or bad. It’s far from confirmed that this title is ever going to be released or if this footage is real but if such a title is being developed then fans will certainly be very excited for it.

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