A malicious message is circulating which can apparently cause PlayStation 4 units to crash. This according to many reports from owners on social media and forums. The message has a string of characters which can make the console crash. It gets particularly bad in some cases which then leaves owners with no other option but to perform a factory reset just to get it working again.

These bugs are not uncommon on devices like smartphones. We often hear reports about a text message that can cause phones to crash or become unstable. The issue is almost always fixed quickly through a software update. That’s what Sony will likely do as well so PS4 owners can expect an update to arrive in the near future.

Before the update arrives, it would be best to take some steps to ensure that you don’t get affected by this bug as well. If you receive a message from other players on PSN, don’t open it on the console. Open it through the PlayStation Messages app. It’s an official app from Sony for iOS and Android which lets you access your messages on your smartphone.

Just stick with this for the time being until Sony sends an update. It may require a couple of extra minutes out of your time but will be well worth it to prevent you from potentially having to factory reset your console.

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